After subscripton of H2-international you will receive an invoice for the current year.

Bank transfer

For payment via bank transfer please note the following details:

Receiver:                Hydrogeit Verlag

Account number:    3705 0021 89        or          IBAN: DE37 1605 0000 3705 0021 89
Bank Code:            160 500 00            or          BIC: WELADED1PMB

Account with: Mittelbrandenburgische Sparkasse in Potsdam
Saarmunder Str. 61,  14478 Potsdam, Germany

Payment by SWIFT:     US-Correspondents:    CITIUS33 (Citibank New York, NY)


For payment via Paypal or VEEM please click on this button below.

Credit Card

To pay by credit card please use this order buttons.

Single copy: 10 US-$ / 8 Euro (excl. VAT)

Regular subscription: 40 US-$ / 35 Euro (excl. VAT)

Reduced subscription: 20 US-$ / 17.50 Euro (excl. VAT) – for students 

Corporate Subscription

110 € for 5 subscribers 

195 € for 10 subscribers 

490 € for 50 subscribers 

Listing – Business Directory

Basic Listing in H2-international Business Directory: 160 Euro

Premium Listing in H2-international Business Directory: 460 Euro

Freely selectable amount

Enter the amount in 1 Euro steps – PLEASE ENTER THE AMOUNT YOU WISH TO PAY

Freely selectable amount

For any questions or problems please have a look in the terms and conditions or contact H2-international.

The products from Hydrogeit Verlag are export deliveries according to § 6 UstG and unburdened from VAT according to § 4 no. 1a UstG.