Green hydrogen and e-fuels are indispensable!

Portrait Werner DiwaldOur society is facing great challenges. The climate targets for 2030 (Klimaziele 2030) must be achieved without negatively impacting our mobility and Germany as an economic center. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to new battery electric and fuel cell vehicles, existing vehicles must also be considered. For these, renewable synthetic fuels, so-called e-fuels, must be the only option. Only through their use can a ban on the driving of conventional vehicles, which the federal government is considering in light of Klimaziele 2030 and which would mainly affect lower-income citizens, be prevented.

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Green hydrogen comes out on top

Trend in hydrogen production in the EU, © Hydrogen4EU
© Hydrogen4EU

Germany plans to overdeliver on EU targets


Climate change has become a hot topic in the runup to the German election, with politicians imbued with a new sense of urgency. In April 2021, Germany’s constitutional court published its ruling on the country’s Climate Change Act, triggering the need for swift action to toughen up emission targets: In just a few days the federal cabinet agreed to a new climate law which then quickly received its blessing from the powers that be. Preparations to implement European RED II legislation have also been progressing at speed. So what does this mean for the hydrogen and fuel cell sector?

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Political leaders just love hydrogen

On AFID, EEG, IPCEI, RED II and the Green Deal

German economy minister Peter Altmaier defines the launch of IPCEI Hydrogen as a “huge success.”
Altmaier, © BMWi/Andreas Mertens

Leaders are in the hot seat. The German government is expected to fix it all – the Covid-19 crisis, the climate crisis, the energy crisis, and the auto industry crisis. Summit after summit after summit. We’re hearing an awful lot from the chancellor, ministers, business leaders and lobbyists these days. And comparably little from parliament, where the laws are actually passed. But which political topics or summits are truly relevant to hydrogen and fuel cell technology?

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