Wystrach becomes Norwegian

Jochen Wystrach, © Hexagon Purus
© Hexagon Purus

The wave of mergers and acquisitions has continued all the way to Wystrach GmbH. The Weeze-based family-run supplier of hydrogen storage systems is joining forces with Hexagon Purus. As Wystrach informed at the end of September 2021, the Norwegian company is taking over the business founded in 1987 in Nordrhein-Westfalen, along with its around 200 employees.

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Multi-energy residential systems

Hydrogen storage module, © Hörmann Solartechnik

Besides replacing old devices to put in newer, more efficient ones, there also seems to be a trend toward more complex solutions. For example, Sunfire expects that at some point, entire neighborhoods will be supplied with energy through a combination of solar PV, heat pump and large fuel cell devices. These multi-energy residential systems will no longer produce heat and power for individual buildings but several residential units at once.

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