H2-Merit Order – Future Priorities for supplying H2-energy

A full decarbonization of the European energy supply to achieve the 1.5 °C target from the Paris agreement is not a question of “if” but of “how”. In particular, the European Green Deal envisages climate neutrality by 2050 based on renewable energy sources (RES) as top priority of its political agenda for the coming decades … Read more

With a big bang into a new era

The presentations of new hydrogen trucks are becoming more and more spectacular. After first Faun in Bremen and then Paul Nutzfahrzeuge in Vilshofen each introduced their new H2 trucks the June of 2022, Clean Logistics (CL) followed suit on June 23rd. Paul Nutzfahrzeuge, in a hybrid in-person/online event with much dramatic steam and music, ushered … Read more

Market is developing really well

Dr. Werner Tillmetz has not only promoted the advancement of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for many years, he has also at various points played a decisive role in shaping it – be it as a board member of the PV and fuel cell research institute of the state of Baden-Württemberg (Zentrum für Solar- und … Read more

South Korea on a hydrogen mission

The idea that a crisis can be seen as an opportunity ripe for exploitation is one that is extremely widespread in South Korea. The country is investing massively in both hydrogen technology and the hydrogen economy with the aim of minimizing the environmental impact of its industrial and energy sectors. Having previously built up a … Read more

Millions being invested in H2

Gold fever has broken out. Numerous corporations are taking over medium-sized companies or establishing joint ventures (see p. 6) – many large companies are investing millions to secure themselves a piece of the H2 pie. The world market for hydrogen is now being divided up, at least the portion that was not already snapped up … Read more

With a mouse click into an H2 future

Participation in socio-political transformation processes by a wide range of actors is indispensable for success and acceptance of developed solutions. Depending on origin, qualifications and interests, however, many different views may exist as to how to formulate a problem and how to approach it with solutions. An incorporation of all perspectives at an early stage … Read more

Swift establishment of an H2 grid

For green hydrogen, coming from Canada and Australia and being unloaded at the planned LNG terminals for example, to be able to be distributed throughout Germany, an H2 grid is needed. To encourage a swift realization of this need, the German energy agency dena presented a green paper at the end of August 2022. In … Read more

Blazing a trail with 350 heating appliances

The project partners had been working toward this moment for years, and on April 28, 2022, the time had finally come. At Saxony-Anhalt’s representation in Berlin, the German gas and water industries association DVGW, together with E.ON subsidiary Avacon, presented the results of their long-term trial in which 20 percent hydrogen was blended into the … Read more

LNG terminal will be H2-ready

The planning and design of floating liquid natural gas terminals in Brunsbüttel and Wilhelmshaven continues to progress. On September 1st, 2022, German economic minister Robert Habeck announced that in addition to the so far four planned government-chartered specialized ships, a fifth floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) is being rented. This fifth FSRU is scheduled … Read more

Hydrogen atlas introduced

It should serve as a signpost, as a “helpful tool” for decision makers. The federal minister of education and research, Bettina Stark-Watzinger, presented the Wasserstoffatlas (hydrogen atlas) at the end of July 2022 in Berlin as a tool to facilitate estimation of the “potential, consumption, costs and effectiveness in emissions reduction of different hydrogen applications.” … Read more