Europe is really starting to accelerate

Those who weren’t familiar with Refire before can now think of the fuel cell company every time they hear the name Clean Logistics, because the startup from Niedersachsen has a supply contract for fuel cell systems from the company. So it’s not surprising that Audrey Ma, Refire Group Vice President International Markets, had been invited … Read more

Scientists warn against overblown expectations

According to concerted opinion, hydrogen is now considered the new universal energy carrier that is set to take the place of fossil energy sources in gas heating systems, cogeneration plants, cars, steel works and the chemicals industry. This is also recognized by Scientists for Future. In a recently published policy paper they describe hydrogen’s essential … Read more

Competition between USA and Germany

Which country will be the first to establish a hydrogen economy? It’s not just the German energy sector that has been plagued by this question. Following the introduction of new legislation in the United States – the Inflation Reduction Act – which sets out highly attractive conditions for creating a hydrogen industry, Germany once again … Read more

Market ramp-up of electrolysis

The market ramp-up of electrolysis is a significant constraining factor for the mass production of green hydrogen. In an article that appeared recently in Nature Energy we analyzed possible pathways for expanding electrolyzer capacity in the European Union and around the world (Odenweller et al., 2022). Using a technology diffusion model we showed that the … Read more

Commercial vehicle sector is wonderfully unemotional

Be it fuel cells or hydrogen engines, (almost) all major commercial vehicle manufacturers are putting their efforts into hydrogen propulsion. A fact that has so far largely gone unnoticed by the average person. While the public debate still rages around the use of hydrogen in the automobile industry, it would seem the trucking sector made … Read more

f-cell reinvents itself

Last fall heralded the start of a new era in Germany’s hydrogen events sector. The trade fair and conference once known as f-cell, organized by Peter Sauber Messen und Kongress for over two decades, took place in Stuttgart on October 4 and 5 – this time under the sole direction of exhibition center operator Messe Stuttgart. … Read more

Tenders for hybrid power plants

In summer 2022, the German government passed its Easter Package of energy policy amendments designed to accelerate the expansion of renewable energies, a move that it hopes will foster substantial innovation in hydrogen projects. According to the new raft of measures, tenders for inventive concepts that incorporate hydrogen-based electricity storage will be started at the … Read more

Husum Wind

WindEnergy in Hamburg and Husum Wind in Nordfriesland take place biennially in alternating years. The Hamburg event offers a more international flavor while the trade show held in Husum, famously described as the “gray town on the sea” by poet Theodor Storm, has a more German focus. In October 2022, H2-international asked the exhibition company from … Read more

H2Expo makes a comeback

Wind-derived hydrogen – it’s a term that’s been bandied about for years in the energy sector. In the past it was more of a blue-sky concept than a realistic prospect. Just a handful of demonstration projects were looking into the fundamental practicality of harnessing wind power for the purposes of hydrogen production. 2022 could well … Read more