New stack for H2Bus project

Ballard’s new FCmove™-HD high performance fuel cell module for buses
Ballard’s new FCmove™-HD high performance fuel cell module for buses, © Ballard

The Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems presented a new fuel cell stack at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden, in mid-June 2019. The FCmoveTM-HD is specifically designed for the Heavy Duty Motive Market. According to the manufacturer, the compact, robust stack enables significantly more cost-effective operation and higher reliability with 50 percent fewer parts (40 percent volume and 35 percent weight reduction).

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Ballard Power – Perfect Market Position

©, March 20, 2017

On March 1, 2017, China Today reported in detail about the Asian country’s joint efforts together with Canada in environmental protection and clean energies. Canadian-based Ballard Power Systems was mentioned as a model example and positive force behind many fuel cell and mass transportation projects and agreements in China (bus, rails). What Ballard and the fuel cell companies discussed in the following articles have in common is that they will be in the black in two to three years’ time and that the fuel cell markets are at a turning point for the better. The five businesses and their shares should be viewed based on their very promising long-term outlook and not based on their admittedly disappointing short-term results.

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