Can Plug deliver all that was advertised?

EuroHuge news has reached us regarding Plug Power: H2 Energy Europe has contracted Plug for an electrolysis capacity in the amount of 1 GW. A complex is to be built in Denmark and the regenerative electricity generated via wind power. The goal is to produce 100,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, which is to be used primarily in hydrogen-powered trucks, specifically to fuel 150,000 of them per day.

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Fuel cell stocks on the move


Every day, more and more encouraging stories are popping up on news tickers, saying that companies, cities, towns and entire unions of countries, such as the EU, want to step on the gas in terms of climate action, with hydrogen definitely playing a crucial role in their efforts. While people are still sparring over what production method we should focus on, I am sure green hydrogen will win out in the end. Though we may need some of that blue gas to get to green.

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