Hydrogen from Heat with Pyroelectric Materials

Demonstrator, © TU Freiberg

The conversion of waste heat into electrical energy could very well make an important contribution to CO2 and GHG emissions reduction and improve energy efficiency. A typical process chain will be based on a thermodynamic cycle, such as organic Rankine, a Stirling engine or a thermoelectric generator. A relatively new method uses pyroelectricity to advance both water electrolysis and power generation.

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Fuel Cells Put to the Test

HIFAI test stand, © HyCentA, AVL

The automotive industry is working in high gear on the mass-market introduction of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. To support their efforts, AVL List partnered with HyCentA Research to develop and build test equipment for researching polymer electrolyte membrane or PEM systems. The result has been a unique research setup that makes it possible to analyze fuel cell systems

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