Solar hydrogen boat on a course for Monaco

Thirty-two students from TU Berlin university have set themselves the ambitious task of building a renewables-powered boat by spring 2023 and racing it in the 10th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. So far they only have a 4-inch (10-centimeter) model of its two hulls. By June next year they intend to have a seaworthy catamaran complete with electric power system.

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The catalyst miracle

The growing importance of nickel, tin and copper

Iridium required to meet the 2030 targets set in the EU’s hydrogen strategy
© Heraeus

New times call for new ideas – and new materials. A global increase in electrification calls for new chemical products. Petroleum catalysts are a major component of the fossil fuel era and must be replaced. The current battle for rare natural resources and chemicals makes it all the more important to invest in research on inexpensive, readily available alternatives. Evidence points to nickel, tin and copper, and their undiscovered properties, as cheaper options. Good news for the electrolyzer and fuel cell industries.

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Electric Transportation Is Not a Carmaker’s Privilege

CAD draft of towboat ELEKTRA, © TU Berlin

The expansion of renewable energies in the transportation sector requires new types of propulsion and energy supply systems for all means of transport, as environmental hazards can have an impact on a country’s population, especially in metropolitan areas. Transportation on inland waterways shows enormous potential for improvement because today’s propulsion systems will not be able to comply

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