Potential for 1,000 billion USD annually

Investors at the stock exchange are betting on good instincts regarding companies, industrial branches and, above all, those shares that in the future will determine development and have an above-average growth. These companies must and should be excellent at earning money, which is a clearly defined criterion for an increase in stock market valuation. In … Read more

Burckhardt Compression – Fulminant rise in share price

An astounding share price increase – from around 300 to over 520 CHF – we’re seeing for specialist in reciprocating compressors Burckhardt Compression, where I was still calling for rebuys a few months ago after the price slump. This is a company, though, whose shares are in a really narrow market, which is why they should … Read more

Hyzon Motors – No news until February 2023?

“We are working diligently through our filings to target the Nasdaq deadline of 2/13/2023. We look forward to updating the investor community in due course” was the statement from Hyzon. This presumably means that Nasdaq has accommodated the company’s schedule by giving this deadline and with it given Hyzon Motors time to provide clarity. Prior … Read more

Olympic H2 flame

olympic flame, © Tokyo 2020
© Tokyo 2020

The Olympic flame is to burn with hydrogen for the first time at this Olympics. H2 gas is already being used in the “baton”, which is modelled on a cherry blossom, during the torch relay – at least on some stages. The green hydrogen needed comes from Fukushima. An official from Japan’s energy agency said: “This will raise public awareness of the important role hydrogen is to play in the future.”

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Bloom Energy – 30 percent steady annual growth

Investment bank J. P. Morgan’s analyst meeting with KR Sridhar, Bloom Energy’s chief executive, on May 26 revealed bright prospects for the company. When one analyst asked by how much Bloom wants to grow in the near future – if it aims for a rate of 20 percent to 25 percent annually – Sridhar replied the target is rather 30 percent a year over a long period of time. He based his assessment on an analysis of the company’s advanced technology, IP portfolio, markets and applications, as well as its competitive position, expertise and experience.

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Nikola Motors – competition is good for business

It seems like Nikola Motors [Nasdaq: NKLA] was able to stop the bleeding of the past few months. The stock is rising again. Up to 30 million shares are now traded each day, a comparatively high volume for the company. The new-found optimism among investors seems to stem from reports about Nikola’s recent progress in meeting its targets. Construction of the Arizona factory is well underway. Then there are new production facilities being built in Ulm, Germany. And another boost for the stock came when competitor Daimler Truck announced its intention to have 5,000 hydrogen-fueled heavy-duty vehicles on the road over the next few years, with business partner Shell providing the fueling infrastructure. Sounds a lot like Nikola’s business model, the difference being that Nikola will produce its own hydrogen, and be able to keep the revenue, instead of outsourcing the task to another company.

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